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Hey ya'll!

Old guy that has owned his fox the turn of the century. I own a 1989 LX Sport Convertible with 245,000 miles. I live in the Northwest. Mods are just too many to list. I have a lot of documentation that I would be willing to share. Look for a post soon to see some of wheat I mean.


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Yep I bought my 89 GT in early May 1989 so I know exactly what you mean, the big difference is you have about 100 K more miles than I do.
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hello everyone. my name is mike, I am poor with computers and I am new to this forum thing . I live in central IL and I own an 87 mustang. 302. I have quite a few extra parts, inside and out. same thing with firebirds of the same gen. if anyone is interested in either please call me at 217-741-3195 Have a great day!