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85 dash help

Jason B

New Member
I have a 85 hatchback with a 93 engine in it. They also took the dash and steering wheel out of the 93 and put it in mine but it is missing a lot of pieces. I like the look of the original 85 better. So here are my questions. Do I need the 93 dash because I have a 93 engine in the car or can I go back to a 85 dash? If I am keeping 93 dash do the heating and cooling controls work with the 85 heating and cooling box? If you need pics of my setup now to help answer my questions let me know. Thanks
I'm likeyou...I like the early fox dash much better. I can't answer your question about the heating/ac controls, but I have a fairly good working knowledge of the gauges.

The oil pressure, amp meter, and temp are straight forward. No changes between those years that I'm aware of.. unless 85 still had the voltage regulator on the inner fender. If so, depending on what your alternator setup is, it may read incorrectly. Either way, it's an easy fix. Fuel gauge shouldn't be affected.

As for the speedo, do you have a working factory-style gauge? I'm not sure how the 700r4 would work with it.

The tachometer, I'm not 100% on. Can't remember the last time I dealt with one. I typically run aftermarket tachs because "race car" lol! And the factory ones aren't usually accurate.