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Want to Buy 79-82 GT Front-lower Fender Extensions Needed!

Really need some help finding both driver-side and passenger-side lower front fender extensions for my 82 GT resto project. I'm using the original style 79-82 front air dam from LMR (https://lmr.com/item/LRS-17626/mustang-front-air-dam-79-82) because I needed to replace it and wanted to keep the original look, so I also need the small fender extension pieces to complete the lower front, but haven't been able to find them for sale anywhere.

Does anyone have any leads on where I could track them down or know anyone that might be selling them? Even if it's you have or know someone that has one side, I'm trying to piece them together. I've attached some pictures of the part that I'm looking for in case it's helpful. I've been trying to go to paint on this project for weeks and these are the only things holding me up.

If you have ANY info or ideas, please send them my way. Thanks!

Frt Fndr Ext1.jpg

Frt Fndr Ext2.jpg



Old and tired
I wish you the best of luck. There are a great many parts specific to these early Fox models that I'd like to see reproduced.
I may have a set. I have a 79 pace car and 82gt and a few extra parts lying around. I was sorta saving them just in case something happens to one of them, but I'd sell for the right price. I have a ton of parts and most stuff I'm happy to give away if a fellow fox guy can use them, but this stuff is pretty special lol! I'll see if I can round them up.
I found them. PM me if you're still needing them. I can send pics. One of them has a little damage, but I don't think you'd notice it once installed. This set is in better shape than the ones on my pace car. They tend to get damaged easily because of their location and the fact that they're fiberglass. You can repair it or use as-is. I don't believe you would notice it either way, unless the car was on a lift.
I wish you the best of luck. There are a great many parts specific to these early Fox models that I'd like to see reproduced.
Thanks. It seems like some of these exterior pieces for the 79-82 are particularly scarce. 10 years ago you couldn't even find any makers that produced the lower front air dam.
They just recently started reproducing the rubber side molding. Most of the old fiberglass body parts aren't being reproduced, such as these lower dam pieces, 3-piece rear wing/spoiler, front facing and rear facing scoops. I am thankful that the recaro fabric is now being reproduced, but it's pretty expensive!