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2.3L cranks but won't start.

I have a bad crankshaft position sensor but when I bought the new sensor I realized that there's some clearance issues with the crankshaft pulley. Is there some trick to installing the sensor that I'm missing?
First make sure you have the right part. It is possible that your vibration damper
is worn to the point where it might have shifted a little. The installation is quite
simple you shouldn't be having any problems with it unless something else is out
of spec.
I ordered the 2 volumes service manual and found out that when I tried installing the crankshaft position sensor I took out the plastic positioner which the manual says I should have kept it in. So maybe that's the reason it didn't work.
So I have the manual to teach me how to install the sensor but my friend Bert came down and helped me time the engine. But when he did, he broke the crank sensor bracket. Does anyone know where I can buy a new bracket or do I just have to weld what I'm guessing is cast aluminum?
If you still need that bracket checkout prestige mustang I'd call them only issue with them is they have a $40.00 minimum so for just that bracket it'd be expensive but if you need anything else I would get it all in one go
So long story short, parts kept breaking on my engine and rather than keep buying parts to get it running I got a running 2.3L engine for cheap. I engine swapped it into my mustang and it was having issues with fuel so I replaced the fuel relay and it started and ran for 15min. However, afterwards I couldn't get it to run. Does anyone have ideas for what might be keeping the car from starting?