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1989 Mustang LX Convertible for sale. 100% no rust!

James Whitman

1989 Mustang LX Convertible for sale.
s-l1600.jpg s-l1600.jpg s-l1600.jpg s-l1600U05AHL3A.jpg I am posting this car for my brother (technologically challenged). It is a 1989 Mustang LX Convertible, automatic, 2.3 Liter. 100% rust free, and I cannot emphasize this enough. When I say rust free, that means if you crawl under this car and look with a flashlight you will not see any rust of any kind on the floor boards or frame rails from front to back. I will attach several photos to this post, if possible. He also only wants a meager pittance for this car and I am honestly tempted to buy it and store it for a few years to make a profit!

Cold A/C, power windows. Burgundy paint, Convertible! What more do you want!
Please direct any questions to:

John at: (304) 303-3617

He is asking $4000 which I believe is an amazing price for a 100% rust free 80's car, no matter what it is!

The transmission was rebuilt only 2 months after he received it 2 years ago so you should have MANY years of problem free, top down cruising ahead of you!

Honestly, check out that fourth picture. When have you EVER seen a 1989 Mustang with an undercarriage that looked THAT rust free! No kidding! This is amazing!

Again, Please call him and seal this deal!

If he cannot be reached due to not having his phone with him at work then call me: 301-707-4903.
My phone is always on and always within reach. I will get him in contact with you immediately!

Thanks :)