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Which distributor gear with Trick Flow steel billet cam?


New Member
Trying to choose a stand alone distributor for my 5.0 roller motor with Trick Flow steel billet cam.
I know about iron gear with flat tappet cam, steel gear with factory roller cam but now I keep seeing warnings about steel gears not being compatible with aftermarket steel billet roller cams. Anyone have experience with this? Thank you for your help.



Well-Known Member
Best bet is to just call Trickflow and ask. If there's a composite gear available for your distributor, I believe those are compatible with all of them. Of course, a brass gear will work too, but they are considered a wear item and will need inspected occasionally. Some people say they've ran them for years with no noticeable wear whatsoever. I've never used one, personally, but I did pull one out of a used engine once and it still looked new.


New Member
Its been a while, and straining my memory here...
I run a brass alloy gear with my billet cam only because its a new build and I'm experimenting this duo... Otherwise I'd be using an iron gear. I have just under 100 hours on my engine with no wear issues, however I'm using an oil additive which should have an affect on all wear items.

I'm fairly certain not to run a billet gear with a billet cam.

Its never a dumb question to ask your cam maker as suggested earlier.