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What Is This Transmission?


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Here is what is in my 1992 Fox Mustang:

Now here is the puzzle. The seller of the car told us he had a World Class T5 remanufactured transmission and a King Cobra clutch installed at 131,000 miles. The car had about 151,000 when I bought it in 2018 and now has close to 154,000. I just had a new clutch and when they tore it open they found the flywheel had surface cracks, the pressure plate was heat damaged and the clutch disk was very worn. The clutch fork was worn and the throwout was noisy. Everything replaced with a LUK clutch kit. Had to get the bellhousing to engine plate replaced too. So apparently this guy had beat on the car for that 30,000 miles with the reman tranny above and it held out. The tranny works great but does have a non-syncro reverse. Here are images of the beat up parts:

Pressure Plate:
Clutch Disk:

Now for the transmission mystery: I checked the gear ratio on above reman tranny and it has the 2.95 first gear of the non-WC of the 83-84 Mustangs. It also has the upper bolt on the side that looks to be a hex head (non-WC vs the WC torx head per a rebuilder on You Tube). To make matters even more confusing, the transmission is stamped TREMEC on the box under the shift lever and TREMEC did not buy Borg Warner until the 1990s. I wonder did the transmission rebuilder just use whatever cases were available and actually build a WC-strength T5 but with the non-WC gear ratios? The tranny held up to the assumed abuse of the King Cobra clutch so I am thinking it will hold up to anything I might dish out as I do not do hole shots or power shifts.

Any thoughts on this?


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Pulled the tag number off the case and it is 1352 251 06706. According to this site,
the case must have originally been the T5z which is stronger than a T5WC.

I verified all gears pushing the car backward in gear with marks on rear tire and harmonic balancer. I got the same ratios for 1 - 4; not sure about 5th. On the road today it seems that RPMs dropped by 1/3 going from 4 to 5 so maybe it is the same as in the chart.

Just did three tests in driveway pushing backward for 1, 2, and 2.5 tire rotations and all came out to 0.63 and 0.64 so I do have the exact ratios as shown in the chart above.
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While you have it tore apart, replace clutch cable and quadrant
Excellent preventive advice and we had that done about 3000 miles ago when the original cable snapped right after we got the car. I am sure happy this car has a cable clutch and not mechanical linkage (like my '77 F100 had) or hydraulic like most later-model cars have. Hydraulic can be loads of trouble.