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Turbo coupe rear axle


New Member
Not having much luck locating a TC rear end for my 89 GT. Want to do the swap , but if I can't locate the part that makes it a little hard. My 89 is basically stock. Had it for about a year and ready to start the upgrades. I have been looking for the TC rear since I found the car because this was the first change I was wanting to make. I got lucky scoring this car after about 2 or 3 years looking. It only has 54k original miles . So I wasn't to concerned with engine changes yet. I thought the TC would be easier to locate but have been proven wrong. I live in the St. Louis metro area and haven't hit every bone yard and time is not an issue , but hard to believe I haven't even seen one yet. Wondering if anyone may be from the Il or MO area with any leads. Kind of anxious to get this project started. I think I have read everything online about that swap I could do it in my sleep. Any help would be appreciated.


New Member
You'll have to be patient; they don't come around that often in the rust belt areas. You may want to keep an eye out for big automotive swap meets coming to nearby areas in the spring. Odds are one will pop up.... ;) Remember; half the fun is in the hunt!