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Titanium vinyl source


New Member
After 20 years with my '91 LX convertible I'm finally getting rid of the whorehouse red interior. Rather than spray paint the rear seat side bolsters I'd like to recover them. I found Titanium Grey vinyl at TMI but it would cost me $240 for the material (ouch). Has anyone purchased vinyl at cheaper cheaper price that's a good match?


Well-Known Member
Is that just for material by the yard? That is pretty spendy (isn't everything these days? ). I thought they made replacement seat covers for the LX seats.

For comparison, I paid $1000 for seat covers on my pace car (factory Recaros). And even though my seat foam was in good shape, the new covers would only fit correctly with their foam. So i spent another $300 on seat foam. I just started working on another pace car. Now, seat covers are $1400 and foam is $400!