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Thoughts on coil overs?


New Member
I recently started getting my 93 lx back on the road and need to overhaul the rear suspension. I’m not super concerned with ride quality and would like the car to hook as much as possible if I’m replacing basically everything should I just go with a bolt in coil over kit? I run a 10” back wheel so I would like the adjustable ride height but I’ve also seen lower control arms with adjustable spring perches. I don’t mind spending a little money to get it right the first time rather than have to go back and redo it in a year chasing traction. Not a track car but will be driven hard in a straight line on a drag radial, thanks for any input


Active Member
My only suggestion... save up until you can buy the setup you like best.
So many out there that aren't Chinese made.
Also consider a coilover kit that relocates the coilovers, so you can take advantage of wider wheels and tires.

As for best chance of good 60'... I suggest upper control arms that are relocated a bit higher at the fwd end. I believe they offer better "instant center".

I fabricated all my rear suspension to save money, and very specific to get me easy adjustability, control, and traction.

Good luck with your project.