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SSP Forum

Is there a chance we can start an SSP forum to the board? I don't know if any current members have any of the police stangs out there but would be great to see some projects being worked on, original, restored or just discussed. It would possibly bring in new members also to the site. Just a thought.
No McLaren members yet, However still looking for the right one to start the disccusion board when found. Hopefully we can have an active SSP and McLaren site too with all of the others foxes.
Phil, I didn't forget yours, I just thought if we could have a specific forum for SSP, it may be easier for new members to find and join the site and show pic's of their cars. ??
No worries :)

SVT3434 has a '85 CHP, he has a build thread on the .net forum. He looks to have only been on here once or twice, at least posting. Try PM'ing him see if he will post.
Sounds great! I will pm him. But before doing so I will wait for a response to my question from the top before I pm him. I think it would be beneficial to get a specific forum together for your SSP and other possible new members that we can hopefully bring to the site. A specific listing in the forum for (1982-1993 SSP Mustangs) would be great. It sounds like he has many other foxes to post as well. again I'll wait for the response I sent before asking him. I know that there is a lot of SSPs out there and a specific forum would be great and make all SSPs easier to find. Just a thought. Thanks for the tip.
Nice Texas SSP. The wheels look great and really fit the car well. and a modular transplant too.... Great ideas there. Nice pic.... :)
Yeah I thought there were only a small # of these made for CA. in 82. I thought this picture was pretty cool just because it was the first year for them and really haven't seen any around other than this pic. It appears to be a real nice resto. There is a guy out here that has 2 CHP cars that have been in storage for years, since the late 80's. I asked about getting a closer look at them a long time ago but to no avail. One is a strange looking 4-dr. Fairmont with big lights on the roof and the other is the Mustang. The Mustang is an 82 for sure but don't know the year of the Fairmont as they all looked the same and only the vin# being able to detect the years from 78-83. Both are blk/wht. Hopefully other new members will post pic's of their SSP's...