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SSP battery cable kit.

Bob Mathis

New Member
I have a new battery cable kit for the SSP car and need some one to help me with the routing of the cables.


Qwik Enuff 4 Me
This is the oem grounds routing and cable/wire type.

The neg battery cable should run from the neg battery post to the engine block at the bolt hole to the left of the oil filter.
The smaller gauge wire running parallel with the neg cable mounts to the driver fender apron to the left of the battery. The wire then forks off at the apron and its black tubular connector plugs into a matching connector at the end of the main harness.

The secondary ground is a flat braided ground strap that runs from the driver cylinder head (rear) to the firewall.

The eec ground is the wire I mentioned thats attached at the fender apron.

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