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Reverse gear issue


New Member
I have a 5-speed T5 transmission with a brand new clutch and whenever I shift into reverse the gears are always spinning so I have to wait with the clutch depressed until I can shift into reverse so I don't grind gears. All other gears are fine, what could be causing this? It's an ETF stage 3 clutch with a new flywheel, clutch fork, bearings, etc. Granted it's a cheap clutch but it's new and it's only that one gear that isn't catching right away.


Active Member
These t5's did not have a synchronized reverse (cobra may have had synchro and I believe you can actually add the synchronizer if you pull transmission and tailshaft housing and can source the parts). But to be honest, most of us learn to live with it. To keep from grinding, simply shift into any gear before putting into reverse. I find that 4th gear is pretty convenient. By shifting into a synchronized gear, you're stopping the main shaft rotation, which is what causes the grinding. If you are grinding going into any other gear, and adjusting the clutch doesn't fix it, then it's probably time for a rebuild.