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Removing left Valve cover without having to loosen the upper manifold. - How.


New Member
So my engine has Edelbrock E-street heads with tall valve covers. The combination works great unless I want to remove the left valve cover which cannot be done without lifting the "combover".

Has anyone found an EFI manifold that allows tall valve covers to be removed?? Or any other solution to the problem. Rockers are Hi ratio 1.6 units.


Well-Known Member
You might be able to slip it off if you have a manifold spacer. Or does it already have one to accommodate the tall valve covers? And fyi...1.6 are standard ratio. High ratio Ford windsor rockers are 1.7.

Are your tall valve covers the "slanted" style made for efi cars? They'll give you some clearance not provided by the regular tall covers, while still providing enough room for 1.7 rockers, I believe. Someone chime in and correct me if I'm wrong!