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Removable convertible foxbody hardtop build


New Member
i dont know how active this fourm is, but this is my winter project. "foxanne" last winter i swapped the car from a 2.3 auto, to a 4.6 5 spd.this year, i deleted the rag top, drove 3 hours to orlando to cut up notchback, i spent months scouring facebook marketplace trying to find someone willing to let me cut up their coupe. without having to logistically buy a car. paid 300 dollars to cut the roof with a sawzall, now before the purists come for me, this car had the entire front end missing, no shock towers, no rear axle, no interior, thing was a scrap pile. i then made a wood frame structure to hoist the roof up and down, and got to cutting, theres still alot of cutting to do, but this is the promising, "removable hardtop" people have been floating the idea around in their heads forever. my goal is to have a removable notchback roof.


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