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Rear Shock Tower Braces.............interested?


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Is there a difference between various years in EARLY Fox platform cars? I'm thinking of building BOLT in rear shock braces rather than the usual using the shocks. I might need to build them on a case by case basis IF there are differences. Thanks Have heard and seen 37' to 38 1/2".


I will solve the difference in EARLY fox bodies by building an ADJUSTABLE brace for street applications. Threaded rod stock and jam nut to secure the distance. Two 3/8" Grade Eight bolts hold it in place....two holes must be drilled. I will build them in bare metal, primer or painted to your choice and fasteners are included. Currently projected cost is between $55.oo to $60.oo shipped to your door.

also have a third idea......a bolt on similar to the braces I had been building for T-Birds and Cougars.


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