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Ready to set car on fire


New Member
Ok so I have a beautiful pain in the butt 89 gt 5.0 in the last 6 months I have replaced 2 starters and flywheel just replaced it again and it doing the same damn thing and I'm fed up it ran fine the first day next day wouldn't run to save my life.. but that is more for later... installed the new starter and flywheel and it would start find a day later starter bolts wont stay in I have used lock tight nothing works even after tighting them down still grinds sound horrible.... this is the 3rd time I have replaced both and it does the same thing I have taken it off and put it back on!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated I don't know what the deal is sad thing is it's been a shop and still came out doing this
Take the starter off and install some keen certs in both holes check and make sure the ring gear is still good and make sure the engine block plate is installed and not messed up buy a 93 cobra starter and install using new bolts with lock washers