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Questions on convertible top.


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Hi Guy's,i just joined this forum because i bought my 1st Ford muscle car that just happens to be a 91 5.0 gt conv 5spd in overall good cond with 62K original miles that i have a few conv top questions on.

1) The white cov top has a few fairly large rust color/type stains on the side close to rear window that look to be from moisture being trapped in folds of the top when it was maybe left in the down position while being kept/stored in inside a garage and would like to know if anyone has a rec of a known good product they have had success with cleaning light brown color rust stains off the white conv top of their mustang.

Other then that the white conv top is in good cond with no rips or tears and the rear window is in great cond too being crystal clear so i hope to get a rec of a powerfull cleaner that does the job.

2) If i find that all cleaners rec here dont remove the light brown rust stains my last resort thought is before spending big $$$ to replace the top is has anyone ever had success having the white conv top on their fox body re-dyed white (like they do to interiors) to clean it up & get rid of the light brown rust stains?

3) Lastly if all the above fails on getting rid of the rust stains on the white conv top on my car what 1 or 2 aftermarket suppliers would you rec to get a good quality replacement top from that i can have a local guy install on the car?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Happy Motoring!

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Try mixing oxyclean in hot water use a new scrubber and scrubber I t through my then rinse. I did it white a white vinyl to worked great.


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I bought my top from Texas Mustangs over 10 years ago and it has been holding up well. I had a upholstery shop here in Austin install it and they were very complementary of the quality of the top.