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Project foxbody need help

Engine swap or mods

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New Member
i have a 1993 mustang lx 5.0 302. Has a cold air intake, full exhaust, gears, suspension, short shifter. Everything else is stock. I’m on a tight budget should I engine swap for a blueprint 347 or put a turbo in it with heads intake and cam. Which one should I do


It will all really depend on what you're looking to do with the car and your goals.

I say engine swap now that will be able to withstand a turbo later on.


New Member
I prefer naturaly aspirated over forced induction simply because it puts
a lot of strain on the bottom end and everthing in between. Unless you
strengthen the bottom end before you add the turbo you are asking for trouble.
The 347 will have a longer life span if you have a heavy foot. IMO