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Parking Brake Problems


New Member
I have a 93 lx hatch 2.3 w/rear drum brakes, I bought this with the parking brake cables cut at the axle. I bought new cables and installed them but the cables seem to be to tight, I can't find anything about how to loosen the tension. Anybody have a suggestion?


New Member
Did you know that the make 2 different lengths of parking brake cables.. (67.880) part # BC9315 is the shorter one and a longer one .. (68.750)
part# BC984498 is it a possibility that you are using the shorter cable.
I did not, the ones I put on are advised as 69". I would assume the longer ones if incorrect would create the opposite effect. But maybe not I don't know what the original was because they were cut when I got it.


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Staff member
I feel like the tension spring for the park break is pulling to hard. The top of the shoes are pulling away from the seats even though all the springs are correct according to this diagram.
I had the same problem with my 89 once and I kept working at it and eventually the shoes pulled into place and I was able to put the brake drum back on. Sorry I can't help more.