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No spark and the Car won't start :(


New Member
Hey guys I have a 1988 mustang 5.0 LX AOD trans. I've recently installed the American Auto Wire kit and it rewires the ignition switch and all the dash harness as well as some of the engine bay harness(not the actual engine harness) everything seems to be working well except for the fact that I can't get the darn thing to start. I've got fuel and air but no spark. I did some tracing and found that I've only got 1.2-2v at the coil with the key on. The key off is zero volts and oddly enough if I disconnect the negative post on the battery I have what I assume to be the correct is source(battery) voltage at the coil. This leads me to believe I've got one heck of a short/draw but I can't find any good circuit diagrams or leads on what to test next. I did a voltage drop across the blue fusible link but there is only 1.6-2 going into it and none dropped across it. It was my understanding that the coil should always have source voltage on the power side. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do next?