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New Purchase and Looking for Opinions


New Member
I am about to pick up an 89 convertible a friend is selling. I have not seen it in person yet but looks clean in pictures and runs a little rough. He thinks it needs new injectors. I'm going to have a shop look at it before finalizing. He bought it slightly modified with a vortech supercharger, roll cage, and Flowmasters. The rest of the car is stock from what he could tell. The mods I'm looking to do is subframe connectors and increased bore and stroke to 331 (mainly for the extra power and aggressive sound). It is an automatic and I really just want to use it for cruising around on the weekends. What gear ratio would be best for cruising around in? I'm not really interested in top speed. And what other mods would you all consider for what I'm looking for?


New Member
if your going to keep the aod then i would do 4.11's
if your not looking to spend a ton and deal with tuning ect just do a mild 306 stage 1 cam and 24lb injector with the matching maf and you will be good.