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New member looking to connect with fellow Fox owners


New Member
Hello, just joined. I am a longtime Fox owner and Ford guy. I currently have a 1985 GT four eye, that I bought off the original owner back in 1986.
It has never seen winter, has 30k miles and has been 351 powered since they were first done. Quite a project and journey but lots of fun and great connections.
I have accumulated so many Mustang parts over the years that are so hard to find now. It has changed over the years since the days of the original 5,0.

I am amazed at what is be done with the Mustangs over the years. Hopefully I will be able to help some owner complete his car with missing pieces. Not sure
how much longer I will keep mine. Plus I can save some people the troubles I went through over the years with Fox Mustangs.

Nice to be aboard.


New Member
Wecome to the group, I reside in the desert of New Mexico where rust is seldom an issue but the sun can tear up all that is exposed, including me. LOL. I am reviving a 90 7UP car and I'm finding Oxford white parts a challenge to find but at least I can get paint thats close.