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Thanks! here's a c/p from my PDF...

VOR-4FA218040L -Vortech V-3 SI Non-Intercooled H.O. Complete Supercharge System - Satin (86-93)
TFS-K525-432-370-Trick Flow® Twisted Wedge®11R Top-end kit
TFS-51500002- Trick Flow® Track Heat EFI Intake Manifold
TFS-51400801- Trick Flow® Aluminum Valve covers
TFS-51400800- Trick Flow® Oil Fill Kit
MMRAD-MUS-79- Mishimoto® Performance Aluminum Radiator
MMHOSE-MUS-86BK- Mishimoto® Radiator hose Kits
BBK1500- BBK® 86-93 Ford Mustang Power Plus Throttle Bodies-70mm and EGR Spacer
AEROMOTIVE 11540- Aeromotive® Stealth Fuel Pump-340 LPH (86-97 V8)
MSD8227- MSD® TFI Ignition Coil
Ford Racing®- GT40 Head Cover Gaskets
M-12259-M301- Ford Performance® Spark Plug Wire Set Black 9mm 5.0/5.8
ACCELL- Accell® 48LB Fuel Injectors set of 8
ACCEL74561- Accell® Fuel regulator
AGSP32C- Ford® Spark Plugs set of 8
1AF-0101A- Anderson Ford Power Pipe®
SCT BA2600- SCT Mass Air meter
SCT®- Mass Air Adaptor Clip
SCT®- Programmable ECU Chip
RE-0870- K & N® Air filter
DaSilva Racing®- Mini Starter
ARP154-3601- ARP® Head Stud Kit
FELPRO®- MLS Head Gasket Kit
LRS-9307A- Late Model Restoration® Lock ring w/ seal for fuel Pump and Sending Unit
DCC-FK45- Delta Current Control® Constant Temperature Controller
GL-8711-RM- Ford® 3G Alternator w/ circuit wire assembly F4SZ-14525-A/WPT-119 TYC 620190- Radiator Electric Fan Assembly
FOUR SEASONS 57388- Air Conditioner Compressor
Ford Racing®- Oil Pan Gasket 289-302
Ford Racing®- Hydraulic Roller lifters
FORD®- Gas filler neck seal
M-4210-B2 Ford Racing®- Ford Performance Ring & Pinion Installation Kit w/ High
Torque Bearing - 8.8 in. (11-14 V6; 86-14 V8, Excluding 13-14 GT500)
M-6584-A50 Ford Racing®- Ford Performance Valve cover Gaskets
Ford Racing®- Ford performance Timing Chain
BBK15160- BBK® 1-5/8” Full Length Headers (Silver Ceramic Coated)
VIBRANT- 2.5” High Flow Catalytic Convertors
BBK1510- BBK® Off-Road H-Pipe (79-93 5.0L for Long Tube Headers
FLOWMASTER®- Super Flow 44 Cat back system w/ stainless exhaust pipes 2 ½”
Ford®- O2 Sensors w/ extensions cables
Ford Racing®- 28 Spline Aluminum Driveshaft
DF920830- Centerforce® Dual Friction Clutch Set
N1714- Centerforce® Throw-out Bearing
MG22180- TEN Factory® Rear Axle Kit (2 axles) Ford 8.8” 28 spline 5 lug
Ford Racing®- 3.55 Gear Set 8.8
HUB-108- Ford®- Front Hub Assembly (qty 2) w/ retainer nut, and dust caps
ENERGY SUSPENSION®- Motor and Transmission Mounts Combo V8-5.0 Engine only
PRO 5.0®- T5 Shifter
Ford Racing®- T5 Transmission Bearing retainer
MMCP-51- MAXIMUM MOTORSPORTS® Clutch cable, Quadrant, firewall Adjuster Package and Clutch cable Heat shield
4210-B2-Ford Racing® Ford Performance Ring & Pinion Installation Kit w/ High
Torque Bearing - 8.8 in.
MMFCA-1- Maximum Motorsports® 1979-93 Mustang Front Control Arms w/ Urethane Bushing & Standard Offset
MMCO-2- Maximum Motorsports® 1979-04 Mustang Coil-Over Kit, Front, Koni Struts,
MM Hypercoil Coil over spring 275LB/IN, 10" 2 ½ diameter Front
MMCO-5- Maximum Motorsports® 1979-04 Mustang Coil-Over Kit, Koni Shocks, rear, non IRS-With Shock Mount
MM Hypercoil Coil over spring 175 LBS/IN 11" 2 ½ diameter rear
MMST-11- Maximum Motorsports® 1979-93 Mustang Steering Shaft Assembly, Power Steering Rack
MMST-7- Maximum Motorsports® 1985-04 Mustang Steering Rack Bushings, Solid, with stock k-member
KON-8041-1186SPT- KONI® Single Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers (qty 2)
KON-8741-1121SPT- KONI® Single adjustable Front Shock Absorbers (qty 2)
MM19-413-BL- MAXIMUM MOTORSPORTS® Swaybar End link kit
MMCC90963- Maximum Motorsports® Caster Camber Plate assembly
555-4245- Steeda® Full Length Sub-frame connectors with seat braces and torque box re-enforcement
FORD®- SN95 Mustang Front Spindle assembly (USED Part)
MMRLCA-1- Maximum Motorsports® Heavy Duty Rear Lower control Arms
Ford SVT®- 03-04 Cobra Front Calipers w/ 13” Rotors and pads (qty 2)
Ford®- SN95 Mustang Rear Calipers w/ 10” Rotors and pads (qty 2)
MMBK13R- MAXIMUM MOTORSPORTS®- MM Stainless Brake Hoses & Hard Lines, 1986-93, SN95 Calipers, rear
MMBK8F- MAXIMUM MOTORSPORTS®- MM Stainless Brake Hose Kit, 1979-93 Mustang with SN95
Calipers, front
MMBAK-6- MAXIMUM MOTORSPORTS®- Brake Proportioning Valve Eliminator kit, 1987-93
BPV-1- MAXIMUM MOTORSPORTS®- Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valve, SAE ports
Wheels and Tires:
BBS® RK’s 18x8.5 silver Forged Aluminum Rims (qty 4) with center caps and valve stems (USED Parts)
Continental® - Extreme Contact Sport® Tires 255 35 18R (qty 4)


New Member
Valuable Asset to the Fox Body community! Thank You.

Thank you for the complement. It's been fun visiting all the different fox body forums over the past 20+ years, all I've ever tried to do is help people if they have a problem or question besides admiring peoples rides.