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New from canton michigan


New Member
Hello from Canton Michigan. Picked up a 92 lx convertible calypso green white interior 51000 miles 5 speed only mods cold air intake and exhaust. Car was a gift from a girl at works husband on thier anniversary but while they had it in tje paint shop they got divorced. I picked it up and it needs to be finished being assembled.
Probably my 6 or 7th foxbody not sure I am up to doing it right now work 7 days a week. Joined a forum again for info and a good place to get help.


Well-Known Member
A calypso vert 5 speed? Very nice! I know what you mean about finding time to work on it, but don't get too discouraged. Situations tend to change. I work out of town for extended periods of time and following this forum keeps me interested. Glad to have you and post some pics when you get a chance.
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