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Need Help! Steering Wheel Center Cap


New Member
I am currently working on restoring my 1979 Cobra (My dad's first car he bought at 16) and I am having a horrible time trying to find the steering wheel center cap like the one pictured. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance!CMHORN.jpg


Well-Known Member
You'll probably have a hard time finding one that isn't with a steering wheel. That is from a 3-spoke wheel which are getting hard to find. My 79 cobra has the 4-spoke wheel and I'm wanting to change it to the sportier 3-spoke. Problem is that they tend to want $250-350 for them. I do want one, but I think I can live without it for that price. I'm hoping the aftermarket catches up and starts producing them.

Anyway, you might have better luck springing for the wheel with a good center cap and then selling the extra wheel. Just an idea.

On a side note, I bet the later-model fox members are reading this thread wondering why you're not referring to this part as a "horn button". It can be our little secret lol!


New Member
Thank you for the advice and link! I may just end up having to go that route. My current steering wheel is in good shape except for the center.

I may have an extra 3 spoke steering wheel on one of the donor cars I have bought for various body pieces. I will look and see and will let you know if I do have an extra one. I would have no use for an extra wheel because I am keeping the original steering wheel that my dad has previously used.