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My first and forever fox


New Member
So about 5 years ago before I was super into cars and told myself I would never own a ford, my dad always had chevys. My father was working on restoring his 71 nova and he wanted another stick car to drive in the mean time, he went and bought a 1990 lx 5.0 with a t5 (the car I now own and bought off of him) I ended up learning how to drive stick on this little devil of a car and fell in love the moment I started grabbing gears, a couple years go by no issues out of the car it was a mild build 302 with a cam and intake. That motor ended up shitting the bed, so we ended up throwing a built 347 out of a crashed vert into the car. And about a year ago I bought an on3 turbo kit with a 72mm turbo and put it on the car and had it tuned on a dyno(502whp on 7lbs and pump gas) by some great people over at Justin's performance center in millersville, MD, I also put a center force dual friction clutch in the car. I have some upgrades coming soon hopefully, first thing is a 5 lug conversion all the way around and some seats, then eventually I'll bite the bullet and get myself a t56 and turn the boost up on this thing and try to hit some 10s ETs in the 1/4