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Magnaflow turn down tips

LX Shredder

New Member
Hey guys I recently bought my 1990 LX. The car has welded panhard bars in the back which makes it not possible to get a cat back installed on the drivers side. I bought a Magnaflow cat back and the mechanic didn't call me to tell me that he could only install the mufflers before he started the car thus making it not returnable. Do you know where I can buy some turn down extensions for the magnaflow mufflers?


Active Member
Staff member
I bought my turn downs at Auto Zone, that was 16 years ago. I would imagine you could buy them at just about any major auto parts store.

LX Shredder

New Member
Thanks for the photo that looks really nice! My first ride today resulted in my car over heating. I think its my radiator cap. I was surprised to see the expansion tank so full with the radiator being a half gallon or so empty. It appeared the coolent was coming out of the radiator cap area. I saw no leaks under the car under idle and reved up. Glad I saw the temp!