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Forsale Looking to find a home for parts 83- 86 Mustang


New Member
Hello all,
I have a lot of parts that I have accumulated over 30 plus years working on my Mustangs. I am hoping that I can help some of you out
looking for needed pieces to complete your cars. I have a ton of stock parts, some hard to find in good condition. Many aftermarket
parts brand new both for 4 and 5 lug. I changed plans so many times mid project that I have a little of everything. Also have new and
used drag parts. Plus there is some 351 SVO engine stuff that I removed new before the engine was used. I really have too much to list.
So if you have a need or question, reach out to me. I will definitely take care of fellow members. I want to see as many Foxes live again.
Everything has been stored inside with care. Not sitting out in some yard somewhere. Time for someone else to enjoy.


New Member
I am looking for a left hand a-pillar trim, part# D9ZB-6603599-AWF. These pieces are available as reproductions but they do not have the exact same grain pattern as the early ones, and my car is a 1981. According to National Parts Depot the grain started to change around 1983, with a part# starting with an "E", for example "E3ZZ". Color does not matter as I have some color-matched SEM color coat paint. Thanks.


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