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Long tube headers fitment


New Member
I'm pondering long tube headers for my 89. I'm hesitant because I have experience in the past with headers not fitting right, being extremely difficult to install, or blocking access to the starter. I have been unable to find any info on switching from shortys to long on a FB. Any insights appreciated. TIA.


New Member
You've likely already done the swap but just in case you haven't I'll throw a few thoughts in...

First question would be if you really NEED to go through the hassle of the install ? Next would be what mods does your car have ? What are your intentions for the car ? Are you looking for all the power you can get ?

If you have heads, cam, intake, and all the usual bolt ons then I'd say it's probably worth it. If you have a drop in K&N, a pair of Flowmasters welded on, stock gears, heads , and intake, then I'd say it's not worth it.

Go with a QUALITY set of ceramic coated headers if you buy any. "El cheapos" that save you $200 or more do nothing to save headache during the install and this is usually compounded by poor fitment in the cheaper brands. Look for quality welds, 3/8 thick laser cut flanges, etc...

If you were near the Carolina's I'd happily hook you up with a set of high quality Kooks 1 7/8 LT's I've got kicking around for cheap but I digress.
If you go with some and have concerns on the starter I'd suggest using the later model "mini starters" for a little extra clearance, and I always recommend Stage 8 locking header bolts so you don't have to fret over any fasteners coming loose on you ;)


Active Member
I agree the;
Pros = torque and HP come on sooner, quicker..

Cons = hang too low, get smashed, lose the torque and HP gained when new.

Address and correct the "hang too low" issue and go from there.

I was happy with my Kooks but replaced them due to ground clearance after lowering my chassis.


New Member
Bassani used to make a nice quality set of "mid length" headers that would be a GREAT compromise. I'm not sure if they still manufacture them though...