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Little help with an 86 302HO please


New Member
My son has an 86GT 5 speed car. Last year it developed an ecu issue, and after bringing home 3 different scanners that all failed to talk to it, we went old school. One high dollar, new age regulator, and a full Edelbrock intake, 600 carb and breather, and a vac advance stand alone distributor, and she runs out real nice. He is wanting to put a cam in, with a nice thump, but not anything requiring new heads, or seriously compromising drivability. I know a rough idle means poor bottom end and fuel economy, but it’s more or less his toy. He doesn’t drag it, just enjoys it around town. Any suggestions on a cam???


Active Member
I'm not speaking from personal experience so keep that in regard.

I have seen and heard other peoples mustangs with the "alphabet" cams and IMO, run and sound good. Not great, but good.

LMR and American Muscle, as well as all the big internet stores have these cams.

My last suggestion is IMO the very best... A custom cam because it will provide the best overall experience.


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Lolz... Its CARBED.

Maybe check out some Anderson cams. Be sure to look for carbed versions.


Well-Known Member
If the rotating assembly is original, keep in mind that the 86 pistons didn't have valve reliefs. It should be fine if you don't get too aggressive with lift and duration. You could do an internet search on cams people are using with 86 pistons.