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K member


New Member
Hi everyone, havent had a Mustang for years but decided to jump back in the Mustang world again. I have a 1984 Mustang with build 302, the previous owner install a new k member, coilovers, caster plates, the issue Im having is the tires are to far front, I checked and the bolts on the k member is all the way back, I read several pages about this being an issue on certain k members, so what's the fix? I really dont want to cut the fender,. Would adjustable A arms work? Thank you


Active Member
With the tire off... Ya got pictures of the control arm and a picture how its bolted to the kmember?


Active Member
I can take a pic, its bolted with tab facing forward
Yah... you mean the swaybar mounts?
I just want to see your offset on the control arms, and possibly if they are upside down... which I dont think is possible.

Also, take a picture of your front slip yoke. I'm curious how much seal face is showing.