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Installing 1/4" Rivets on Pinch Weld/Rocker Z Brace stiffener


New Member
I am reinstalling the Z brace stiffeners that are riveted to the outer rocker and pinch weld on my 91 vert GT. There doesn't appear to be enough clearance to install the rivets straight in the pinch weld. My 1/4" rivet tool appears to be too large a diameter.

Is there a special tool to install these rivets?1680975160668801267510557163771.jpg


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Active Member
Suggest drilling hole in a 1/4" x 1/2" piece of steel strap.
Insert the rivet, place the steel strap over the rivet, place the riveter on top of the steel strap and over the rivet mandrel, firmly hold the rivet in place with the steel strap, squeeze the rivet.

The rivet mandrel can be slightly bent while setting the rivet... Should still pull tight and pop cleanly. Just insure the hole you drilled in the steel strap is large enough to accommodate the angle your riveter is going to impart on the mandrel.

Good luck