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Hey everyone


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New to cars and this site. Have a 89 lx convertible 5.0 automatic. Hoping to restore it 69xxx original miles stock block as far as I can tell no modifications. Excited to learn more about these cars I’ve always loved the look of the fox.

Edit: a few more things I haven’t mentioned, A brief backstory is it sat in a car port and was driven very little for around 20 years, when I looked at the car I looked for rust and frame issues and found nothing. I know I need to replace the radiator tubing and probably some of the wiring. Is there anything els I should look for?
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She needs alittle work but I kinda have a crush on her so I’ll be putting in the effort

Ps: I’ll take some better pictures when the weathers nicer
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Looks like a nice one! Check into properly setting the tv cable for the transmission. I think maybe they stretch over time (or just get moved somehow). A quick adjustment that costs nothing could save you from an expensive repair. The aod is a decent transmission, but a tv cable that's set incorrectly will destroy them!

Look into upgrading the alternator to a 3g. Tons of info online on how to do it. The stock 2g is really underpowered, but the oem 2g alternator plug/wiring setup is a fire hazard.

Ignition switches go bad and cause various problems. If yours is original, I would suggest picking up a new one. Keep it in the car along with a couple tools needed to swap it. It's a 30 minute job, tops....but you might find yourself needing one at night when you're 15 miles from the nearest parts store.

Just a couple things I learned the hard way lol! Once you get started, you may want to do some other mods. Better radiator, electric fan, relay/wiring upgrade for headlights, rear control arms, subframe connectors. In my opinion, these are all necessary upgrades if you planning on putting some miles on them. They're not particularly expensive either, if you know where to find the parts.