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Hatch Latch


New Member
I cannot find a new hatch latch for my 82 anywhere. I spent probably 2 hours looking online with lmr and CJ's Pony Parts and other miscellaneous places.


New Member
did you write CJ or LMR? sometimes they can refer you to a company that might have a part. I have used Prestige Mustang in Georgia to get some parts not available elsewhere


Active Member
Its difficult to think there are no hatch mustangs at your nearest recycle yard.
Might even acquire one online from any state?


Well-Known Member
Have you researched when the changes were? Are there only 2 different styles of latch? And am I correct in thinking you're talking about the hatch latch and not the striker, correct? I may have one. I have a couple extra hatches lying around but not sure what years they're from.