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hard clutch pedalIi


old and new ford performance
I have an 84 T Top Capri 5.0 At 80 K miles I replace the clutch, Install the ladder type sub-frame stiffner kit and a roll bar. at 120 K I installed an 88 flywheel and heavy duty performance clutch. I had broken 2 bones in my left foot-ankle and the clutch pedal is difficult for me. I had hears that there is a clutck fork mod kit to make it easier but after a couple hours searchin I cant find on. Any clues wher to find one.


If I remember correctly, the longer fork is not to decrease pedal "feel" but to band-aid clutch finger movement distance. I could be wrong.

In your shoes... I suggest a "Chevy" style hydraulic TO bearing.
You might also look into a version of firewall pulley kit which has mechanical advantage.

Good luck


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Make sure the clutch cable is routed correctly.... no sharp bends or heat from the exhaust. Your clutch fork angle should be a close to 90 degrees from your pivot stud as possible. Normally, this means shimming it correctly. The factory style aluminum input shaft retainers are notorious for gulling where the throwout bearing rides. You may check these things before doing anything too drastic.

If these don't work, i would suggest 347's advice (hydraulic setup) or going to a stock(ish) clutch. The Centerforce clutches are supposed to be lighter, as well. They use centrifugal force to increase clamp pressure.