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Great low mileage AOD with some goodies......make offer


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I have an fully rebuilt AOD from Jasper. It was rebuilt about 8K miles ago. The original female owner just had it swapped out when the original went bad. It drives and shifts like new. I purchased it and had a Performance Automatic Valvebody put in along with a performance A+ billet OD servo, and a Performance Automatic TV cable. Without installation there is about $500 just in those upgrades. They have been installed for about 1K miles. I have a High Rev governor new in the box that I never had installed. It will chirp the tires under full throttle and performs flawlessly. I am doing a T5 swap this upcoming week, so it will be ready shortly after that. Obviously you don't have to pay until you are picking up the transmission and you can pay then . I will not be dropping the car off until early next week. If your in the area (upper north side of Indianapolis) and want to see how great it does in my car we can set up an appt for this weekend to drive it around. Not looking to make out on this, so feel free to shoot an offer.
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