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Goodyear Gatorback VR-60 / 15 Tire source

Canyon Red

New Member
Hi All:

I a new member, and want to start off asking if anyone knows of a source for reproduction Good Gatorbacks other than Kelsey Tire? I'm at a point where I'm going to have to replace the rubber on my 1985 GT H.O., and would like to start entering it in some shows. I thought having a set of the original tires on it would really be the icing on the cake. As everyone, 15 inch tires choices are getting slimmer by the day. I may have to resort to a black wall General Tire from Tire Rack if I can't locate a set of VR 60's.

I've been in contact with the folks at Kelsey, and though very accommodating, they are not any further along with being able to give me a production date than when I first contacted them months ago. I hate to purchase a cheap set to get by in the near term, but if I have to...I guess I have to...