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electric fan fail


New Member
New to me 87 2.3l with electric fan. And I'm new to the foxbody all together. ive only owned the car a couple of months. The learning curve has just begun.. I would not say it was well cared for by previous owner, my neighbor, 80yo man who has moved away. First question, was an electric fan oem or aftermarket?
Last night just idling in the garage it overheated. the fan never came on. It has other times. The temp gauge works so it's not the temp sender, but does this car have a separate temp sensor? Is that where I should focus? or something else? I verified the fan does work by jumping it.
Seems like easier to just put in a good old fashioned viscous clutch with fan on the water pump than chase electrical gremlins.


Well-Known Member
Pretty sure there are 2 temp sensors. In fact, the v8 cars had two senders... even with a mechanical fan. One goes to the gauge and the other to the ecm for efi.

Sounds like a little snooping around with a volt meter and you'll get it figured out.

You can also install an aftermarket fan switch and relay with some upgraded wiring.