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Drivetrain Noise


New Member
I have a 1985 LX with the 5.0 and a manual transmission. When I accelerate more than any bit as powerfully as a Limo driver I get a clacking noise and feeling coming from the somewhere below my feet. If I drive the car for like 40 minutes the noise seems to go away. Also if I shift extremely gingerly the noise won't happen. Basically the faster I let up the clutch peddle the louder the noise is. The noise only happens during acceleration, not decel or coasting and not in 3rd fourth or fifth. This seems like a flywheel/clutch/alignment issue but I don't know. I'm hoping someone here has had this or can at least point me in the direction of knowing what to look for.

This is the last thing on the car that I really need to fix apart from the suspension!