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DFW Repair Shop Recommendations

bayou fox

New Member
Hello All! Newbie from New Orleans who just relocated to Fort Worth — looking forward to this forum and all the knowledge that comes with it. LMR in Waco pointed me in this direction.

Seeking a reputable shop that would be willing to diagnose and repair a bad rotating vibration on an ‘89 LX hatchback I’ve been chasing for quite some time.

The short story is the car vibrates / shakes violently above 1000 RPM in any gear, including neutral, clutch pedal in or out, moving or sitting still. Frequency increases with engine RPM so it’s a direct relationship with rotation.

The long story is the Mustang went into a locally owned shop for a simple clutch replacement using my own parts (Ford King Cobra clutch, Ford Racing pilot and throw out bearing, and the (resurfaced) factory steel flywheel. Good thing was I could supply my own parts. Bad news was there was no warranty whatsoever using those parts. Picked up the car and realized the bad vibration right away, but there was no warranty, no return to the shop. Pulled the transmission / clutch and found the three locating clutch / flywheel alignment dowels were missing. Problem solved I thought, so installed new dowels, but no change with the vibration. Installed a different (Spec) clutch and new billet steel flywheel - no change. Replaced harmonic damper and motor mounts (I realize none of these were faulty before the clutch job) and still no fix. Best guess is that when the alignment dowels were not installed, the off balance oscillations damaged something internally, the damage was done, and nothing new installed external of the engine would correct things.

Any Mustang specific shop advice (or anything else to check) would be greatly appreciated.