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Cleaning grease under hood


New Member
First post here so hello all!
Hopefully I'm posting in the right section

I have a 92 GT I got in 2010 as an 18th birthday present from my father. It was/still is a great car and now that I am older I'm trying to clean it up and bring it up to the best possible level, it's been sitting for about 5 years.

Under the hood, the radiator support, most places is covered in oil/grease and I'm trying to get it off. I've been using glass cleaner and it's doing alright but does anyone have tips to get very old tough stains off the paint. Keep in mind the paint isn't the best, like a 7/10 possibly.

The side molding got super sticky while it sat also which is weird to me maybe one day I can afford to get it re-sprayed.


Active Member
The most gentle detergent I know is Dawn dish soap, diluted with water.

A stronger, yet flammable solvent is "acry-solv" and is what I use.
Its paint, plastic, abs and PVC safe.

It does attack silicone based sealers and thin rubber products, so must be wiped off immediately.
I personally use purple power diluted with warm water and some magic erasers…works like a champ for me. Just be sure to rinse the areas you cleaned with water afterwards…


Well-Known Member
A pressure washer does a great job on greasy dirt. I usually hit it with some of that Totally Awesome cleaner. Just spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes before pressure washing. My buddy next door does the same thing, but instead of a pressure washer, he uses a jet sprayer on his garden hose. It shoots a fine jet of water but it's pretty gentle and precise. I think I got one of them and never used it.