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Cam question


New Member
I searched through a few threads but couldn't find an answer. I have a stock 1991 5.0 and would like to upgrade it and get a better sound and performance out of it. I did some research on YouTube and I love the sound of the Bcam with BBK shorty headers, H-pipe and Flowmaster mufflers. I would not be doing the work myself, but are there any other modifications that must be done to the internals of the motor when swapping a cam out? GT40 heads seem to be popular but I can't find any at a reasonable price. Thank you for any input.


Active Member
If you came to my shop and told me your ideas...

My recommendation will be any of the 3 Anderson camshafts.
While there is nothing wrong with the ford "b-cam"... Its just old, and mild.

If you want performance with the "sound", you will need cylinder heads.
By the time you purchase, freshen up, old, factory, iron heads... You'd just about be into a new set of aluminum heads.

You wouldn't be doing your new cam and heads justice installing bbk, shorty headers.
Long tube, with larger diameter primaries are gonna give you back more torque and horsepower.

Just know, all the above may require larger injectors, maf, throttle body to net you all the power the setup is worth.

Good luck with your mustang...
Too bad you ain't my neighbor, cuz paying someone to do this simple h/c/i, hurts to read about.


New Member
I like the Anderson cams personally. im going with a anderson n41 with afr190 aluminum heads. gt 40s are great though! you don't always have to buy them new if you go too a junk yard you should be able to find a 99 explorer or any of the various other vehicles ford put gt40 heads in and while your at it i would snag a gt 40 upper and lower intake! also if you are doing a cam you may need too check piston to valve Clearence and may need different push rods dependent on cam of choice and heads .also probably need bigger valve springs and rockers .good luck bud!