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Added another one to the collection


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I drove 14 hrs to Minneapolis to get this one. It was a long haul, but looks to be pretty solid. It's complete, for the most part. Originally a 2.3 turbo, it has been swapped to an early 302. Yes, it's another 79 pace car. I don't know why I love these things. They're a pain as far as sourcing parts. This one did come with some extras.

The car is still sitting on the trailer in front of my garage. I had to hop a boat for a few days but should be back Monday evening. The front springs are completely worn out. It took us an hour to get it loaded without destroying the front air dam, which is difficult to remove and rare as hens' teeth. I think it's even sitting lower after the trip lol! It came with a new set of springs, so I'm going to try and replace those before unloading it. Then, I'll have to hook up the steering shaft and get it inside. At that point, I can see about getting her running again and see what the deal is with the brakes. It's a 4 speed car. I'm not sure if it has the old fox srod 4 speed or maybe I'll get lucky and someone installed a 4 speed toploader. I can't really get under it or inside because of how low it's sitting and all the parts stuffed inside.

In the deal, I also got a brand new set of SVE TRX wheels (copies of the original metric wheels but in standard 16" size), an 8.8 rear (not sure on specs), offroad h-pipe, later LX stainless exhaust pipes, new upper and lower tubular control arms of some sort, and a few other things I can't remember. Screenshot_20211009-192252_Gallery.jpg
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I will! I had a 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport, but I needed something with more towing capacity. The tacoma had a lift with trd pro wheels in "inferno" orange. It was really nice but just wasn't cutting it in the torque dept. It was also a 6 speed manual. This tundra, I've only had for a few months and I really like it. Evidently, it's the last year for the v8. Yes, the new v6 turbo looks nice too but I prefer the bigger engine.
Yep, unfortunately the 5.7 is gone. I am with you as well, the turbo V6 looks good but I will pass and keep my 5.7 until the wheels fall off. Beautiful taco as well…damn love that inferno orange color. Here is my Tundra as she sits…the Tundras.com forum is extremely active and lots items for sale….finally done with getting my tundra where I want it…now time to focus all the attention on the foxbody.


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