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AC Working After 25 Years

I took on the task of rebuilding my AC system this month. I replaced the condenser, compressor, drier, hoses. I had the system serviced this morning and only issue was the pressure switch had a minor leak. Got a switch on order and should be here tomorrow. It’s nice having AC again especially in AL in the summer! I have to change the pressure switch, fan relay and connector and adjust the curb idle. Then it will be complete


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That's fantastic. My car didn't have AC, but I have plans to add it. I might just go with an underdash unit rather than pulling the dash and bringing in all of the AC components from a donor. We'll see.


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Where did you get your hoses and drier at? I've looked all over and can't seem to locate. I just recently got my car and all I have is the compressor and evaporator core.
The dryer came from Rock auto. It comes with a pipe on it. I took the old hoses to a shop in Birmingham, AL and they used the hose ends and made new ones. They even swedged the hose to the pipe on the dryer. I bought the condenser from Rock auto as well. The compressor, dryer and oraface came in a kit from Rock auto plus all new seals