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92 transmission tag

Calypso Dave

New Member
I own a 92 mustang LX convertible 5.0 5spd.
I wanted to understand what the information was on the small metal tag on the transmission.
What numbers identify the trans as a T-5?
What are other numbers?
Your help is appreciated.


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Well-Known Member
All of these 5 speeds were t5's, as far as I know. The T5's also had tag numbers that start with 1352.

The 8-tooth gear they're referring to is a plastic speedometer drive gear inside the transmission. It's round and slips right over the shaft before the tailhousing is installed. The end of your speedometer cable has another smaller plastic gear that engages the drive gear. This small gear is called the "driven" gear. You can use these plastic gears to correct your speedometer after changing the rear differential to a different ratio. You can get it pretty close, if not exact, just by changing the driven gear on the cable. The rear tire size will also affect it, so there is sometimes a little trial-and-error in getting the speedometer correct after a rear gear change.

Hope this helps!