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92 Summer Edition Windshield Molding


New Member
Anyone reproducing the rubber strip around the windshield on a 92 Summer Edition convertible? I am only finding parts for hardtops and mine has shrunk over the years. Thanks.



Active Member
I wasn't aware that any of the foxes had rubber windshield moulding. But regardless, it looks to be a fairly standard moulding. I would stop by a good local glass shop and let them look at it. They should be able to match it up close (if not exact).

It used to be fairly common practice to use a basic rubber windshield moulding on old cars that had chrome/polished moulding that wasn't in great shape. I watched my buddy do this to a 1st gen Camaro (iirc...it was an old Chevy). Typically, the glass will heave to come out to apply the rubber style.