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9"vs 8.8" rear end


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Planning to upgrade to 3:75 gears and positraction. Thoughts on rebuilding existing 8.8 or replace with an already built 9" rear end (like Currie) ? Also want to go with 5 lug upgrade.


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I've had zero issues with my built 8.8 setup.
Two years taking 700lb/ft torque hits on street and track.
I believe attention to details is key to any setup when expectations are high.


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Nice! Did your change the axles to the 31 spline? I'm leaning towards building my 8.8. I would like to up grad to 5 lugs, but wondering if the higher spline # is a big difference? (not planing on drag racing ). Did you build it yourself or have someone do it?


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I have 31sp Mosers.
Auburn 3.73 Dif
Axle tubes shortened 8"
Axle tubes trued and welded
New style 9" ford ends
Custom weld on gussets and struts.
Housing ground and polished
Ring and pinion deburred and polished

Scribner fabrication modified my housing, and I built the assembly including all the deburring and polishing.

I also installed 12" Wilwood disc brakes and custom fabricated parking brake.