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89 GT Paint Question...


New Member
Hello all,

I have tried searching through a few different corners of the interweb(s) and have not found what I am looking for. Maybe y'all can assist.

My 89 mustang came Bright Red (now oxidized) with the titanium ground effects. The ground effects have a pinstripe with 6 red stripes and the MUSTANG GT (on the lower part of the rear bumper) is painted red. (Same story beneath both doors)

I am still in contact with the previous owner and they bought the car in 1999 and I purchased it in 2009. Neither of us have made any paint/pinstripe modifications.

All that to ask two questions:

1. Was the 6 stripe pinstripe and the MUSTANG GT painted body color and factory option/thing?
2. Whether it was factory or not, does anybody know where to locate the pinstripe?
(I have checked multiple locations and can only find the solid red pinstripe to fit in the ground effects)

TIA! IMG_8069.jpg


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I'm pretty sure the GT's from 87-93 only had a solid stripe available. The rear accent letter color would have matched, I believe. Both are available on Late Model Restoration's website.