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84 mustang Hatchback windshield interchange


New Member
Need a windshield for 84 GT hatchback. What years and models will interchange with the hatchback? Notchback, Convertibles?


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Just curious, but are you planning on replacing it yourself? If so, I would consider calling around to the local auto glass shops and see if they will sell you one cash and carry. They aren't too expensive. I have a buddy who owns a glass shop. He ordered me one for my 88 and wouldn't even take money for it lol! I believe wholesale cost was $75 or $100. A shop should be able to get you one for under $150. They might make another $50-100 if they install it, so selling one "cash and carry" probably gives them the same profit without having to do the work.


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I don't believe the vert windshields will fit. The hatchback and coupe windshields are interchangeable from 79-93.
The only difference is the black trim on the glass is different for certain years.